Useful Links

A collection of resources used for research in the Designer Glycans lab.

Carl RothSarstedt
Eurofins – Custom DNA Oligos Sigma-Aldrich
Fisher Scientific GermanyThermo Fisher Scientific
GENEWIZVWR International
Arabidopsis ResourcesPrimer Design
AraportPhusion Primers
ThaleMinePrimer Blast
T-DNA ExpressAddgene: Analyze Sequence
eFP BrowserChemicals
Seed coat eFPMSDS database (GESTIS)
GenevisibleSigma Molarity Calculator
GENEVESTIGATORMolarity Calculator
Figure PreparationSeminars in Halle
ColorBrewer: Color AdviceIPB Event Calendar
Color Universal DesignIPB Seminar List
Ten Simple RulesHalle Plant Science Colloquium
BLAST (NCBI)CAZy database
AA properties (Russell lab)Glycan Symbols
Codon Usage TableCCRC antibody database
Fpbase databasePlantProbes
FP propertiesGLYCOPEDIA Resources


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