Designer Glycans students shine as summer ends

We are proud to highlight some of the some of our students’ accomplishments this summer.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on

Our glycan designers win two student prizes!

• At the start of July, Annika Grieß-Osowski and Madalen Robert received awards for their presentations (poster and talk, respectively) at the 7th International Conference on Plant Cell Wall Biology (PCWB2021) organized remotely from Japan. Congratulations to both PhD students for winning these highly competitive prizes! See IPB Halle press release for details.

• Madalen also presented her latest findings in the Voiniciuc lab at the 2021 German Conference on Synthetic Biology (GCSB). Many thanks to Madalen for stepping in to deliver this selected talk at relatively short notice.

• Stefanie Clauss wrote a very good MSc thesis and successfully defended it on September 20th. Her research was on the “Modulation of Hemicellulose Synthesis by Arabidopsis GT106 Proteins”. We are grateful to Prof. Dr. Steffen Abel for co-reviewing the thesis and Prof. Dr. Milton T. Stubbs for chairing the final examination.

• This week, Madalen was elected to serve as a PhD student representative. Madalen joins Annika (vice-chair of the Staff Council) in providing service to IPB Halle. Well done and we wish you a successful year!