New publication in New Phytologist

Our revised manuscript on the roles of branched xylan and heteromannan (previously available as a preprint) in controlling seed mucilage properties and early growth in salt stress has now been peer-reviewed. Read the open-access article here:

New publication on wheat mannan

A collaborative study of mannan polysaccharide production in wheat (Triticum aestivum) is now published in the journal Plant Science. Wheat-like polymers that normally accumulate in the developing endosperm of the grain were produced in two heterologous hosts by the expression of a single enzyme, TaCSLA12. Additional mannan-related genes were identified in the wheat endosperm butContinue reading “New publication on wheat mannan”

Review of orthogonal hosts to study cell wall synthesis

We published a review article in Plants (, part of a special issue on “Plant Cell Wall Biology”. In close collaboration with multiple colleagues from Düsseldorf, we assessed the suitability of more than ten orthogonal hosts for synthetic biology and to study plant cell wall biosynthesis. In particular, we focused on the key advantages andContinue reading “Review of orthogonal hosts to study cell wall synthesis”

Additional news from the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry

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