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Four #SynBio Positions 4 You

The Designer Glycans group is delighted to have funding for several new positions. Apply by May 15, 2023 for full consideration. Choose your own adventure: Interested in tailoring plant cell walls after your PhD? Look no further. Want to lead high-throughput experimentation and programming of liquid-handling platforms? Are you a UF student with Phyton programming skills and want be the Robot Wrangler? Are you a UF student with molecular biology skills and want to be our Microbe Maestro? The latter…

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New microtubule-associated protein for cellulose biosynthesis (Article#25 & 1000 citations milestone)

In collaboration with Katharina Bürstenbinder’s team at IPB Halle, we used reverse genetics to characterize IQ67 DOMAIN 9 (IQD9) and KINESIN LIGHT CHAIN-RELATED 1 (KLCR1) as two microtubule (MT) associated proteins that guide cellulose distribution during seed mucilage biosynthesis. IQD9 physically interacts with KLCR1, and mutations in IQD9 as well as in KLCR1 lead to compact mucilage capsules with aberrant cellulose distribution. Resembling previously described trm4 seeds, our study of these Arabidopsis mutants provides the first direct evidence that members of the IQD, KLCR and TRM families have…

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