Previous group members at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry

Anne Lehmann

Position: M.Sc. summer intern (2021.06 – 2020.09)

Next position: M.Sc. student in Nutritional Science (Martin Luther University)

Stefanie Müller

Position: Biology Laboratory Assistant (2019.01 to 2020.10)

Next position: B.Sc. student (Martin Luther University)

Julian Waldhauer

Position: B.Sc. Student (2019.10 – 2020.08)

Next position: M.Sc. student (Martin Luther University)

Christine Wagner

Position: M.Sc. Student (2019.03 to 2020.02)

Next position: Ph.D. Student (Ried lab, IPB Halle)

Benita Schmitz

Position: M.Sc. Student Assistant (2019.06 to 2019.12)

Next position: M.Sc. Student (Heilmann lab, MLU)

Dr. Mehdi Ben Targem

Position: Postdoctoral Researcher (2019.04 to 2019.10)

Next position: Postdoctoral Researcher (HAWK University)

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